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Dave Sindelar

About me

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Omaha, NE, us
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Computer Programmer
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Between games at the moment.  Planning on starting Zelda II: The Adventures of Link next.     

What I've Been Up To

What I am Currently Reading

I usually have several books going at once, though I do have a primary book. Here is what I'm working my way through now.

1) The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy - Just what it says

2) The Age of Louis XIV - John and Ariel Durant - History of the world during the period of time Louis XIV reigned in France. 

3) The Book of Lost Tales Volume 1 - The first part of a chronological look at the Middle Earth writings of J.R.R. Tolkien

4) Vintage Science Fiction Films - A look at science fiction films from before the fifites. 

5) America Enters the World - The seventh volume of Page Smith's history of the United States

6) Let's Scare 'Em - A collection of articles and interviews about classic horror.

7) Missing Reels - A survey of lost silent films. 

My Hobbies

On top of my Movie of the Day hobby, I'm also an amateur actor. I'm currently in rehearsal for "Escanaba in Da Moonlight" at the Circle Theatre in Omaha playing the part of Albert Soady.

I'm also a puzzleholic, with a special fondness for logic problems, Kakuro, Slitherlink and Hanjie. I also play a fair amount of video games, with a love for RPGs, platform games, and puzzle games.

I also have a sizeable music collection, with quite a bit of music from the likes of Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Robyn Hitchcock, R.E.M., Warren Zevon, They Might Be Giants, Tom Waits, Graham Parker and others. I also have a fondness for box sets of any kind, and for sixties psychedelic music. 

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